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 Keigh's GameMaster\GM Application

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PostSubject: Keigh's GameMasterGM Application   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:44 am

[Name]=Ry Clark
u be able to devote towards GMing?]=Week Days 4-6 hrs ,Weekends 6-10 Hrs
[Which Time Zone Are You In?]=Central
[When Can You Be On SERVER TIME]=Well Depends On When I Get Home From School So Mainly 4pm-11:30pm(My Time)
[Do You Have Working Vent Or Skype?]=Yes Vent And Skype And Mic.
[Are you going on any kind of vacation or Hiatus within the next month?]=No I'm Not,Although I Will Be Celebrating Christmas But Thats Everyone.
[About yourself]=
I'm A 14 Year Old Male,that always gives 100%.I always try to be on WoW As Much as possible,espcialy If I Am At GameMaster Rank.
I Work Great With Other People.Im Pretty Calm(Most Of The Time).
[Why do you think you'll be a good GM?]=I Work great with others.I Focus Realy Well And I Love helping people.I Have Already Had A Private server That Was Rank 63 On Was the server Only Reason It Shut Down Was Owner Had To Go To Rehab.And All The Applications Should Say Falses So Here Are Mine.People Dont Take Me Seriously Because Of My Age.I Can Be Stubborn But Thats RARE.

[What do you expect from becoming a GM?]
Nothing,In my book GMs Are just like personal Assistance...Only Thing I Might Expect Is Respect...But we all have to earn that
[Which server is the best?]=Well I Have Been Playing WoW For 2yrs And Most OF That Has Been Private Servers.I Would Say TrueWoW Is Great and ShadowmourneWoW is Awesome,But I Think This Server tops Both...Because Well Its Original.

Thanks for reading.
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Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Oops My Bad   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:46 am

My Time Zone Is Central America\Canada
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Keigh's GameMaster\GM Application
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