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 Leeroy's Gm app

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PostSubject: Leeroy's Gm app   Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:51 pm

Hello, My ingame char name is named Leeroy,Guild when we had the old forum I posted a gm app on my old character named Rock But that forum has been deleted here is an update of my Gm app.

Name: Kade

Age: 14

Country: U.S.

Gender: Male

Language(S): English/Uses translators when someone that doesnt speak my language that needs me.

How many hours a week will you be able to devote towards GMing? I can devote 2-5 hours during the week,weekends I will be on very long.

Which Time Zone are you in? (i.e.: EST):Central

What time (SERVER TIME) will you be able to GM? (i.e.: 3pm-1am server): 4pm sever- 7pm

Do you have a working Mic and Vent/Skype?: I have vent and Skype.

Are you going on any kind of vacation or Hiatus within the next month?: No.

About yourself: I been a GM on 1 server like this but I been on a Gm server for a very long time I know alot of the Cores if I dont know them I simpily google them and study the codes. The things im good at ingame is Helping others, Good event hoster do the best I can to make things fun, I can deal with any kind of people with an attitude or not I will be nice, I know how to add items to vendors and things to do with that, I played retail for 5 years total and was on a GM priv server for 2 years and every time I get on Wow Im on this server.

Why do you think you'll be a good GM?: Im a very good socializing person and very helping, Im good at this kind of things and I always keep my word, and help out people with all the help I can give plus I have alot of patience

What do you expect from becoming a GM?: To beable to help this server out and make it the best with all the help I can give.

Which server is the best?: This server to me because I'm really getting to like it and I will do anything to help and Im active alot no matter what.

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Leeroy's Gm app
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